What Makes You Think... Gymnastics Season

MINISODE RAEGAN RUTTY's Olympic Experience

Episode Summary

Eddie Umphrey is back and this time he's with the fabulous, Raegan Rutty. The Cayman Island's first Olympic gymnast! This Minisode is a deep dive into Raegan and Eddie's unique Olympic experience.

Episode Notes

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CHECK THIS OUT: Raegan & Eddie's conversation prior to her first Olympic routine! https://youtu.be/QgNypkgqMjc

Bar Settings for possibly the Olympics' tallest ever gymnast:

This was after hours of swinging and starting to figure it all out while gaining confidence. A small interaction between coach and athlete show how they communicated to get her mentally in the right spot 


CHRONICLES OF THE XXXII OLYMPIAD... Final Chapter - Breakdance Edition 
Eddie: "When we found out we finally made it to the Olympics we agreed on one goal. Have the most fun of anyone in the Olympics. I think we did that."



Massachusetts Gymnastics Center:  (part time, full time, program directors) contact: office@massgymnastics.com

Massachusetts Gymnastics Center: (General Manager with potential of Ownership): leodoran@massgymnastics.com

An official crew has to set the bars each time Raegan would go. They actually never tightened the cables and there's a clip out there somewhere, with Eddie yelling down from the podium to the officials that the bars were not set. Go back and watch the bars finals and look at the bars from when one of the Russian gymnast competed. Cables were loose and it seems as though the same thing happened to her. 


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